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Legal Name Georgia Caroline Day Nicknames Georgie DOB & AGE November 1, 1986 & 30 Hometown New York City, NY Current Residence Maui, HI
Georgia Day’s parents were meant for each other. At the time, they were both attending Columbia Law School in New York City, New York. Her mother was an aspiring lawyer and politician while her father was an aspiring defense attorney. Their similar ideologies and interests brought them together almost instantaneously after one brief conversation at the library. The following year, Georgia’s parents graduated from Columbia and got married. They both became successful in their career endeavors After several years as a successful attorney, she became New York senator. On the other hand, her father quickly rose to popularity as an entertainment attorney for many popular celebrities.

Georgia’s parents never gave much thought to having children. They simply loved each other and their jobs, so when Georgia’s mother discovered she was pregnant with Georgia, it was a surprise to both her husband and her. Georgia was a mistake.

As a child, Georgia was particularly problematic. Her teachers would frequently call home and report to her parents that Georgia had yet again made another student cry. Georgia was a clever child with an impulsive, sharp tongue. As time went on, her behavior only worsened. Although she was always fed and taken care of, her parents never disciplined her mostly because despite her faults, Georgia always somehow brought home stellar grades. However, in reality, Georgia’s problematic behavior was just a call for her parents’ attention which she finally received when she turned sixteen.

Georgia hit the peak of her problematic nature once she turned sixteen and around the same time, she was given access to her father’s credit card, so she could “fit in” with the rest of the Upper East Side kids. But she constantly abused his card to stay out late, party, and experiment with drugs until a few months later, when her mother discovered several tabs of Xanax and a small amount of cocaine in Georgia’s bedroom. Georgia’s mother nearly had a heart attack on sight and afterwards, for the first time ever, she had a long discussion about Georgia with her husband about what to do about her. Still shoddy at parenting even after sixteen years, they concluded it would be in both their and Georgia's best interest to ship her off to a boarding school.

After graduating from St. Andrew’s School, Georgia decided to return to New York City to attend NYU. Right away, Georgia requested her parents to set her up in an apartment in East Village, so she could be by herself. Georgia’s relationship with her parents became extremely strained after the lack of communication while she was away. While at St. Andrew’s, Georgia’s parents hardly called or checked on her. Recognizing how they’ve hurt Georgia, her parents granted her wish immediately instead of course attempting to better their relationship with her.

Due to the workload of her courses, Georgia’s troublesomeness somewhat subsided. She was always interested in science and technology and from a young age, she imagined herself being a CEO of her own company someday. After graduating from NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering with a Computer Science and Computer Engineering BS, Georgia furthered her studies by pursuing a Master’s in Cybersecurity, and then finally, also at NYU, pursued a PhD in Computer Science, making her Dr. Georgia Day.

Sometime during Georgia’s studies, she met a man and after being in a relationship for quite some time, she became engaged to him. When he found an opportunity in Maui, Hawaii, she decided to follow her heart instead of her mind for once and follow him to Maui. Very unfortunately for Georgia, their relationship fell apart almost immediately after moving to Maui.

Instead of moving back to New York City, Georgia decided to remain in Maui. She loved the pace of Maui and its warm weather all year round. Her break-up inspired Georgia to finally chase her dreams of being a CEO of her own company. With the help of her parents whose parenting skills were always shoddy and still, but always willing to give Georgia vast amounts of spending money, Georgia started up Day Technologies. Presently, Day Technologies focuses on wearable technology and has become impressively successful recently.
GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is the central core designed to control, guide, and oversee the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center. With the ability to shift and move facilities and various chambers, GLaDOS is able to achieve a seamless and almost infinite testing design whilst residing in the Central AI Chamber. PARALLELS Georgia's first initial is the same as GlaDOS.
Day is derived from -DOS.
Georgia's middle name is Caroline, her Genetic Lifeform component.
Has phobia of birds.
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